agile sysadmin

by Ferenc Erki

Packaging vale-2.24.4 for Gentoo

Vale describes itself as a “syntax-aware linter for prose built with speed and extensibility in mind”. My overlay has the latest v2.24.4 release available for fellow Gentoo users.

I recommend previous users to continue reading about ebuild changes.


  • drop EGO_SUM in favor of dependency tarballs

    I prepare to move packages not already in the main tree from my overlay to GURU. As part of this effort, I now host Gentoo dependency tarballs as GitHub releases to avoid CI warnings from pkgcheck.

  • remove the styles custom USE flag

    The styles USE flag used to pull in extra app-text/vale-style-* ebuilds containing editorial styles and metrics. Since it did not affect code, Gentoo developers recommended to use a different approach to avoid recompilation upon related changes.

    Vale makes possible to manage the same set of styles as packages with the vale sync command together with the StylesPath and Packages configuratoin options since the v2.16.0 release.

    I decided to drop the styles USE flag along with the previous style ebuilds in favor of simplified packaging and following upstream’s built-in approach.

  • remove the example configuration file

    Different use cases need different solutions, and better to opinionated bits out of the ebuild as much as possible. The vale command also prints instructions about adding a configuration file along with sample content.