agile sysadmin

by Ferenc Erki

Host Gentoo dependency tarballs as GitHub releases

People who create Gentoo ebuilds for software written in Go probably noticed deprecation notices and discussion About EGO_SUM, and also about a Proposal to undeprecate EGO_SUM.

While the mailing lists and IRC channels provide plenty of opportunity to discuss how to supply dependencies for Go software, here I share a way to use GitHub releases to host dependency tarballs as an external Gentoo contributor, like proxied maintainer, GURU contributor, or overlay maintainer.

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New blog, who dis?

In the past months I kept tailoring essentially identical updates to various platforms, like LinkedIn, Mastodon, and project-specific media. I also often found myself explaining the same concepts and answering the same questions over and over again.

It felt better to have a canonical source for my content, and keep the other solutions as distribution channels. I also wished for a place to accommodate my preferred authoring workflow for longer formats.

As a fresh start, I decided to migrate all the content from my previous Agile sysadmin blog to this site.

I expect to post soon more about the topics I’m most involved in or tools and approaches I find most useful for my use cases. For example Rex, Perl, and Gentoo, as well as automation, software delivery, testing, and open source.

aaphoto is available in Gentoo

Auto Adjust Photo, or aaphoto in short, is a cool little tool for automatic color correction and resizing of photos. I cooked an ebuild for it a long time ago which was waiting to be rediscovered in a forgotten corner of my drive. After a quick refurbishing and some minor/trivial upstream cleanup with the extremely friendly author, it is now available in the main portage tree of Gentoo.

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Simple unattended Ubuntu install in a VM

I wrote the previous post about this topic almost 6 months ago. Recently I had to review the process for a different project and I was curious if I could find an easier way to seed the installer options – preferably without modifying the original ISO file. Although there is more than one way to do it, I hope others would also find this method helpful.

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Final Term is available in Gentoo Sunrise

Final Term is an interesting and promising terminal emulator with advanced interactive features like semantic text menus, smart command completion, GUI terminal controls, reflow support and more.

I contributed an initial Hungarian translation for the project just to soon find myself hacking on an ebuild, and on minor features. All in all, as of 2013-07-11, Final Term is now available in Gentoo’s Sunrise overlay. You can find usage instructions here.

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