agile sysadmin

by Ferenc Erki

Gentoo GURU now includes Vale

Vale describes itself as a “syntax-aware linter for prose built with speed and extensibility in mind”. The official Gentoo GURU overlay now makes the v2.27.0 release available for the wider community.

I improved the ebuild in my overlay about two weeks ago by commenting on test requirements, and replacing the previous USE-flag controlled runtime dependencies with optional features.

Once I felt confident about meeting the quality standards for inclusion in GURU, I followed the official information for contributors to push the results to the dev branch. Then I left for my vacation 😎

After a couple of days, a fellow Trusted Contributor merged my commit to the mainline (thanks!), making Vale my first package maintained in GURU.

I will decide later whether I want to clean it up from my overlay to avoid duplication, or still keep it around there to have a faster feedback loop for test purposes. In any case, I plan to move further ebuilds from my overlay to GURU as they become ready for it.