agile sysadmin

by Ferenc Erki

Gentoo GURU now includes Laminar

Laminar describes itself as a fast, lightweight, and modular Continuous Integration service for Linux. The official Gentoo GURU overlay now makes the latest 1.3 release available for the wider community.

I use Laminar as a self-hosted CI service as part of my private infrastructure. Instead of reinventing several components required by such systems, it relies on well-known tools such as bash and cron. This lightweight and modular approach enables its users to build the CI solution their use case requires.

I maintain a Laminar ebuild in my overlay since late 2020, starting with version 0.9 at the time. I had to add an initscript for OpenRC, and also some patches to offload downloading JavaScript dependencies and compressing manual pages to Portage from the build system. I expect to simplify the ebuild over time, since upstream already merged a patch I sent.